Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Removal

Many people do not need to have their wisdom teeth removed. However,  many dental professionals will recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted if you experience the following:

  • Not enough room for wisdom teeth: Most of us have room for about 28 teeth, which is the number of teeth you have before your wisdom teeth erupt. When you add your four wisdom teeth, you may have trouble fitting them all into a confined amount of space. If the jaw isn’t large enough, the wisdom teeth can become impacted or misaligned. In this case, having your wisdom teeth pulled will ensure all your teeth have plenty of room.
  • Experiencing wisdom tooth gum pain: Gum pain may be a sign of infection. It can occur from partially erupted wisdom teeth. When food and bacteria get trapped in these areas, it can lead to a very painful infection known as Pericoronitis. In this case, having your wisdom teeth pulled will prevent further infection.
  • Wisdom teeth coming in crooked: If your wisdom teeth come in fully, but come in sideways, they can cause your teeth to shift and move over time. There is also a chance that poorly aligned wisdom teeth can damage the nearby teeth. However, they will be protected from damage once your wisdom teeth are removed.
  • Cyst forms on wisdom teeth: This occurs when the sac next to the tooth becomes filled with fluid. When this occurs, it can destroy the bone or tooth roots. In rare cases, an untreated cyst can lead to a tumor that may require a more serious surgical procedure.

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