About Dr. David Brown

I love that by eliminating a problem, or improving a patient’s oral health, I can make a lasting difference in my patient’s well-being. I think we all feel contentment when we can make a situation better than we found it, and being a dentist lets me experience that often. When a person comes to me with dental pain, and I am able to relieve them of that, it’s a great feeling. The same is true for when someone comes to our office and is ashamed of their smile; my profession allows me to help them improve their oral health and their teeth so they can smile with confidence.

The connections that I make with each person I care for are incredibly fulfilling. It’s fun to keep tabs on everyone’s family when they come in for their checkups, and to hear all the crazy stories about how “this” happened, as they point to their tooth. At the same time, I know it take a lot of trust for a patient to turn their personal space over to someone else and I am humbled by that trust, taking the responsibility seriously. I always strive to provide each patient with the best care I can offer, gently and with respect.

Education and My Commitment to Continuing Education

I attended Brigham Young University followed by Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, at the University of Maryland, where I was awarded my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Since graduation I have actively pursued continuing education in oral healthcare topics, including prosthetics, implants, and patient comfort.

I believe that every professional, no matter what they do, owes it to those they serve to remain at the leading edge of knowledge in their field. This is especially true in dentistry, where there are constant developments in treatment practices and revolutions in technologies. My patients deserve the best, most proven care available, and continuing education allows me to provide that.

Away from the Office

I grew up in Salt Lake County and now call Southern Utah my home, along with my wife, Lizz, and our four children. We have become experts in finding shoes, inflating balls, and applying sunscreen. In my free time I prefer to spend my hours with my family, but occasionally you’ll find me reading historical fiction or a good sci-fi book. I also enjoy music and sports, and am skilled at getting lost in the great outdoors.

Professional Affiliations

Fellowship, Academy of General Dentists
Fellowship, International Congress of Oral Implantologists Academy of General Dentistry
American Dental Association
Utah Dental Association
Dixie Dental Society
Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah